Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Newborn Shadow Box


Look what I made!

It's a shadowbox filled with Luca's hospital stuff including the outfit he wore home, his first hat, the hospital bracelet, and his birth announcement, ambilical cord { I sealed the cord in plastic and put it in the diaper. Not everyone would want to see it, but I wanted to keep it somehow without losing it. 
I love how it turned out!

I totally jacked this idea from Pinterest {of course}. But I had to add my own twist to this project, and now I think my box is far superior to the ones I saw online {I might be a tad bias though}.

SO you wanna know how I did it?
- Shadow Box
- All your baby Items {i.e. outfilt, diapers, bith announcements, scrapbook supplies, scissors, baby bracelets, hats}
- Glue gun
- 1 yard of fabric {any color that suits your needs}
- scrapbooking embelishments

First let me just say that this project was super easy. And cheap, too! I waited till I saw a sale at our local craft store {Pat Catan's} to buy the shadowbox, and I ended up only spending 15 dollars for a nice one. Before buying your box make sure you measure everything you plan to include in your project so you know what size you will need. My box is 20 x 16 inches. Luca's newborn outfit was about 17 inches long, which is probably pretty standard.

After I got home I gathered up my supplies. I knew I would need something to line the back of the box with, I went with a fabric that matched the general color of the items I had to put in the box. However that is purely personal preference and certainly not a necessity. This can look however you want it to!
I started work on my item placement. I didn't want my box to look like I just threw a bunch of stuff together without any thought, but I also didn't want it to look too "busy". This is where you can get creative and take this project wherever your heart desires. I decided to iron the outfit and hats before putting them in the box. After the outfit and hats where wrinkle free I attached them using some hot glue. I went with hot glue because I know this box and its contents will never change. I then arranged the rest of the items around the outfit and hats.

And voila! My project was complete. It didn't take long at all to throw this together, and I'm in love with the end result. I always knew I wanted to display Luca's hospital items somehow, and this was the solution to my problem. It's perfect and we will treasure it for years and years.

{Warning: This project will make you totally emotional. Prepare to look at how tiny your baby's hospital outfit and hat are. Then you will inevitably want another baby...In my case not so much lol but...Proceed at your own risk.}

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